Former President Donald Trump criticized Jimmy Kimmel on Truth Social just before the 2024 Oscars.

Kimmel responded with a "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" segment, highlighting Trump's comments on his hosting skills.

Trump's post suggested replacing Kimmel with George Stephanopoulos and criticized the Oscars as politically correct and boring.

Kimmel humorously acknowledged Trump's post during the live broadcast, joking about Trump's jail time.

Kimmel chose not to read the entire message and mocked Trump's suggestion to replace him with Stephanopoulos.

Despite the exchange, the 2024 Oscars continued with Al Pacino announcing "Oppenheimer" as the Best Picture winner.

The exchange between Trump and Kimmel added a light-hearted and unexpected moment to the Oscars telecast.

Ultimately, "Oppenheimer" emerged as the night's big winner, securing seven awards, including the coveted Best Picture.