Ex-Republican Phebe Roberson, 75, rejects Trump and Robinson, voting against both in North Carolina's GOP primary.

Roberson laments the far right's dominance of the Republican party, leading her to become an independent.

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson faces backlash for controversial remarks, including support for antisemitic conspiracy theories and derogatory comments about LGBTQ+ individuals.

North Carolina, a pivotal state in elections, may see more voters turning away from the GOP due to figures like Robinson.

Former GOP straight-ticket voter Justin Bradford now sees the party as embracing extremism, prompting him to vote for Democrats like Barack Obama and Nikki Haley.

Robinson's rhetoric draws comparisons to Trump, alienating anti-Trump Republicans and moderate conservatives.

North Carolina's gubernatorial race between Robinson and Democrat Josh Stein is expected to be fiercely competitive.

Abortion emerges as a critical issue for voters, particularly concerning Robinson's stance supporting severe restrictions.