Beyoncé's "Cowboy Carter" album reflects her tumultuous relationship with mainstream country music over the past years.

The album, set to release on March 24th, marks Beyoncé's deep dive into country music, challenging genre limitations.

Beyoncé's imagery for the album nods to her Houston roots, featuring her in a Western suit atop a white stallion.

"Cowboy Carter" is a culmination of five years of work and negative experiences within the country music genre.

Beyoncé's performance of "Daddy Lessons" at the 2016 CMAs sparked controversy but was viewed by some as a reclamation of country music's African-American roots.

The album features collaborations with respected artists and reflects Beyoncé's heart, soul, and passion.

Beyoncé emphasizes that "Cowboy Carter" is not a strictly country album but a continuation of her artistic journey.

She hopes the music will provide an immersive experience for listeners, inviting them on a continuous journey.