President Biden's weaknesses are apparent, but his recent $7.3 trillion budget proposal and State of the Union address highlight his adeptness at traditional political strategies.

Biden, an old-fashioned politician, is known for employing vote-buying tactics, evident in his 2022 midterms attempt with student-loan-forgiveness to appeal to young voters.

Mastering the pork-barrel method, Biden draws on his 36 years in the Senate, employing techniques reminiscent of Democrats' past dominance in Congress.

While downplaying identity politics, Biden emphasizes economic identity, including economic patriotism and class consciousness, as crucial elements of his re-election rhetoric.

Despite concerns about losing non-white voter support, Biden strategically focuses on appealing to specific demographics, such as manufacturing job seekers in states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Biden faces challenges in offsetting the gradual loss of black and Hispanic voters while navigating the complexities of identity politics within his party.

The Democrat's determination to outbid opponents in the race for votes remains a significant factor, making him a formidable opponent in the upcoming election.

President Biden's $7.3 trillion budget proposal and State of the Union address underscore his strengths in traditional politics, particularly his adept use of vote-buying strategies and a focus on economic identity to secure voter support.