I may not be a spring chicken, but my decades of experience speak volumes. I know how to get things done for the American people.

In this ad, President Biden embraces his age, emphasizing that while he's not a young guy, his focus is on delivering results for the nation.

President Biden, at 81, reminds the nation that age is just a number, showcasing his achievements in pandemic recovery, climate change, and more.

As the oldest U.S. President, Biden addresses his age head-on, highlighting his accomplishments and criticizing former President Trump's shortcomings

In a new ad, Biden dismisses concerns about his age, asserting that he understands the intricacies of governance and remains dedicated to the American people.

With humor, President Biden acknowledges his age in the ad, emphasizing his commitment to tackling critical issues facing the nation.

The ad takes a swipe at former President Trump, contrasting their records on infrastructure and women's rights, as Biden asserts, 'I fight for you, the American people.