Kate Beckinsale's Recent Health Struggle: The actress took to Instagram to share moments of U.K. Mother's Day, including pictures from a hospital bed, hinting at a recent health issue.

Cryptic Hospital Bed Photos on Instagram: Beckinsale's Mother's Day post featured heartfelt messages, but it also raised concerns as she included pictures of herself in a hospital bed without explaining the reason for her hospitalization.

Mysterious Health Crisis: Beckinsale, 50, leaves fans puzzled after sharing images from a hospital bed in a recent Instagram post, leaving out details about her recent health struggle.

Previous Health Battles: The "Underworld" star has a history of hospitalizations, including a ruptured ovarian cyst in 2019 and a back injury in 2021, both of which she shared openly on social media.

Instagram Silence on Health Woes: While celebrating Mother's Day, Beckinsale chose not to elaborate on her recent hospitalization, prompting fans to wonder about the nature of her health issue.

Concerns Grow Over Kate Beckinsale's Health: The actress' recent hospital bed photos have sparked concern among fans, who are eagerly awaiting updates on her well-being.

Inquiry Made to Representative: USA TODAY has reached out to Beckinsale's representative for comment on the actress's recent health issue, seeking clarity on the situation.

Back-to-Back Health Challenges: From a ruptured ovarian cyst to a back injury, Beckinsale has faced multiple health challenges, making her recent hospitalization another point of interest for her followers.