Blake Lively, known for her creative Instagram captions, subtly takes aim at Princess Kate's Mother's Day photo editing mishap.

Lively introduces new products from her Betty beverage company with a quirky poolside photo.

In her Instagram post, Lively unveils oak smoked lemonade and apple ginger sour cherry mocktails, among other offerings.

Princess Kate faces controversy over a manipulated Mother's Day photo shared by Kensington Palace.

Ryan Reynolds humorously jokes about his wife's whereabouts during Super Bowl 58, echoing Lively's witty social media presence.

Lively shares her humorous take on leaving her kids for the first time and experiencing a whirlwind of events, showcasing her signature style.

Lively's Instagram antics add to her and husband Ryan Reynolds' reputation for amusing social media banter.

With her clever captions and playful posts, Lively continues to entertain her followers while subtly commenting on current events.