You don't know unless you've walked in these shoes," Kelly Rizzo defends her new relationship after Bob Saget's passing.

Every journey is unique," says Kelly Rizzo in response to criticism about moving on too fast after Bob Saget's death.

Grief is complex," Kelly Rizzo opens up about the intricacies of navigating loss and love after losing Bob Saget.

No right to judge," Kelly Rizzo emphasizes that everyone copes differently with loss and love.

Remembering Bob," Kelly Rizzo shares how her new partner keeps the memory of Bob Saget alive in their relationship.

Continuing the love," Kelly Rizzo discusses finding understanding and support in her new relationship.

Two years and counting," Kelly Rizzo clarifies the timeline of her relationship after Bob Saget's passing.

Honoring the past," Kelly Rizzo reflects on her time with Bob Saget while embracing her present.