Season 3 of Bosch: Legacy delves into a murder investigation that exposes dangerous secrets, endangering the lives of key characters.

Maddie's involvement in a convict's death, hinted at in Season 2's closing moments, adds complexity to her relationship with Harry.

New cast members Andrea Cortes, Tommy Martinez, Orla Brady, Michael Reilly Burke, and Dale Dickey join the ensemble for Season 3.

The season follows the investigation of Kurt Dockweiler's murder, confronting Harry Bosch with the limits of justice.

Honey "Money" Chandler's bid for District Attorney sets the stage for a heated political race.

Maddie Bosch becomes entangled in violent follow-home robberies, adding further tension to the narrative.

Season 2 ends with Maddie's testimony leading to Dockweiler's conviction, but his subsequent fatal overdose raises questions about Harry's involvement.

Chandler's decision to run for District Attorney prompts a touching moment as she seeks Irvin Irving's endorsement.