Aderbis Pirela, 29, a key figure in the Los Satanás gang, was apprehended in New Braunfels, Texas.

Pirela faces charges in Bogota, Colombia, for his involvement in at least four murders, extortion, and drug trafficking.

Colombian authorities describe Pirela's role as distributing pamphlets, collecting extortion, and intimidating victims.

Pirela fled Colombia and traveled through Central America to reach the U.S.-Mexico border to continue criminal activities.

Homeland Security San Antonio, along with state and local authorities, arrested Pirela and turned him over to ICE.

Bogotá Mayor calls for Pirela to face justice and urges measures to prevent him from operating criminal activities from prison.

Authorities are uncertain about Pirela's duration of stay in the U.S. or his entry date.

Pirela's arrest underscores international cooperation in combating transnational organized crime.