Reflecting on health challenges, Dr. Dre recalls experiencing "three strokes" following a brain aneurysm.

Dr. Dre woke up with severe pain behind his right ear, leading to a hospital visit and two weeks in the ICU.

Despite questioning if he could have prevented the aneurysm, Dre learned it was hereditary and unpreventable.

The experience reinforced Dre's awareness of the importance of managing health, particularly high blood pressure in Black men.

Although Dre hasn't made significant lifestyle changes, he acknowledges the event has heightened his appreciation for life.

Dre reveals that during the two weeks in the hospital, he suffered three strokes.

Dre's health scare serves as a stark reminder of life's unpredictability and the need to cherish each moment.

Eminem credits Dre's health scare with ending his feud with Snoop Dogg, realizing the insignificance of their conflict in the face of Dre's medical emergency.