Theresa May, once in office, seemed of the past, a cricket-loving vicar's daughter who met her husband at a Tory disco.

Despite leaving No. 10, Theresa May avoided "moneygrubbing entanglements" post-premiership.

May's announcement of standing down as an MP was typically modest, revealed to her local paper in Maidenhead.

Reflecting on May's tenure, it's important to recognize her dedication to public service amidst tributes.

May's tenure as PM was marked by controversial policies like the "hostile environment" and "Go Home" vans.

She promised to tackle "burning injustices" but faced criticism for failing to deliver and exacerbating post-Brexit divisions.

May's lauding for virtue and moderation reflects the changed landscape of her party.

Despite criticism, May set an example by serving her constituents after leaving office, unlike some of her peers.