Tamie Wilson, a devoted single mother and business owner, emerged victorious in the Democratic primary for Ohio's District 4, winning 63.4% of the votes.

Wilson is challenging incumbent Rep. Jim Jordan, whom she has labeled as "Trump and Putin's puppet" and "a danger to us all.

This marks Wilson's second attempt to win Jordan's seat, having previously lost to him in the 2022 election.

In contrast to Wilson's victory, Jordan was uncontested in the Republican primary.

Wilson's platform emphasizes protecting families, freedom, and fairness, contrasting with Jordan's political stance.

Ohio's political landscape remains dynamic, showcasing potential for surprising electoral outcomes.

Notably, the Trump-endorsed Senate candidate Bernie Moreno secured victory in the Republican primary.

Ohio voters demonstrated support for reproductive rights by enshrining abortion rights in the state constitution in response to the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe vs. Wade.