Struggles Outside Democratic Base: Despite efforts to rehabilitate her image, Vice President Kamala Harris continues to face challenges winning over Americans outside the Democratic tent.

Disapproval Ratings: A USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll reveals that 52% of registered voters disapprove of Harris's job performance as Vice President.

Limited Approval: Only 36% of respondents approve of Harris's handling of the role, trailing President Biden's similarly low 41% approval rating.

Personal Popularity: Harris's personal popularity isn't much better, with only 38% of Americans viewing her favorably, compared to Biden's 41% and Trump's 40%.

Qualifications for President: More than half of survey respondents (54%) don't view Harris as qualified to be president, raising doubts about her ability to step in if needed.

Partisan Views: While Harris is immensely popular among Democrats, with 76% approving of her job performance, her approval ratings among independents and Republicans are significantly lower.

Positive Attributes: Despite criticisms, some respondents describe Harris as "smart," "intelligent," "knowledgeable," "competent," and "strong/confident."

Diverse Views: Black voters give Harris higher approval ratings compared to white and Hispanic voters, showcasing a diverse range of opinions about the Vice President.