New Amsterdam" may have concluded its fifth season, but its stories continue with a spin-off.

The spin-off will focus on Dr. Max Goodwin's daughter Luna, set 30 years after the original series.

Luna steps into her father's role as Medical Director, continuing the legacy of compassion at New Amsterdam Hospital.

The sequel is expected to explore the integration of artificial intelligence in medicine.

Luna's speech in the finale reflects her admiration for her father and her determination to follow in his footsteps.

Neither Molly Griggs nor Ryan Eggold are confirmed for the spin-off project yet.

The series finale tied up major characters' storylines, including Dr. Frome, Dr. McIntyre, Dr. Reynolds, Dr. Bloom, and Dr. Goodwin.

The decision to end "New Amsterdam" surprised some, but it was praised for its inspiring storytelling and dedication.