Vladimir Putin secures fifth term as Russia's president with a historic vote margin, according to Russia's Central Election Commission.

Putin wins by a landslide with 87.29% of the vote, marking his highest tally ever, says Election Commission chief Ella Pamfilova.

Critics denounce the election as predetermined, citing lack of credible opposition and crackdowns on free speech.

Putin's victory celebrated as a sign of trust by him, but critics lament the absence of genuine opposition and suppression of dissenting voices.

International reactions vary, with Germany calling it a "pseudo-election" and the U.S. labeling it "neither free nor fair.

European Union's top diplomat condemns election violations and limited political space for candidates opposing Russia's actions.

Despite Putin's claims of legitimacy, critics argue that a significant portion of Russian society remains discontented.

Protests against Putin's rule largely occur outside Russia due to severe crackdowns on dissent within the country.