Simple exercises to lose belly fat

Exercises to lose belly fat

Exercising even 10 minutes a day can transform your body to a good shape. Here are the 10 simple ways to reduce belly fat where you need to do each of these for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of break.

What are Flutter kicks?

Lie down on your back keeping your legs together and hands underneath your buttocks. Lift your leg past the hip, your left leg should hover a few inches from the floor with your back on the ground.

How to do Leg raises?

Lie down on your back keeping your legs together. Place your hands on either side and lift your legs to the ceiling until your butt gets back to the floor. Give a pause in the same position and again take your legs up.

Legs ins and outs

You have to sit down with your knees bent and feet firm on the ground. Keep your hand next to the hips such that your entire body should be on your butt and hands. Slowly extend your legs in and out.

How to do V-ups?

Lie on your back, extend your arms behind your head. Feet should be together; toes should be pointed. Keep your legs straight, lift them and raise your upper body from the floor at the same time. lower yourself to the original position.

Side plank with leg lift

Lie right side and balance body weight using the right forearm and right leg. Lift your hips to form a straight line, lift your left leg without bending your knee, and bring back to the starting point but don’t drop your hips.