The film, written and directed by Kobi Libii, is a satirical comedy taking on the 'magical negro' trope in film, television, and books.

So much of art is up to interpretation. Aren knows this all too well.

The jokes are layered over the most meaningful of revelations in the movie. Sure, humor can be a powerful teaching tool, but it doesn't feel intentional here.

If the lines and wisecracks so clearly made to get the biggest laughs out of a Black audience are buried under not being too potentially offensive to non-Black viewers, is this not the same as the trope it's fighting so hard against?

Is it truly satire if it's all good for a laugh, but maybe not good for offering clear context on the topics it wants to expose and skewer?

Critically examining the implications of the society's work and its historical context raises important questions about its achievements.

The film's second plot line, Aren's pursuit of a relationship with Lizzie, highlights the complexities of its own politics, particularly in its casting choices.

Ultimately, the audience's interpretation will determine whether the film effectively achieves its satirical goals or falls into the very tropes it seeks to critique.