Special counsel Robert Hur is set to testify before the Judiciary Committee about his 345-page report on Joe Biden's handling of classified documents during his tenure as vice president.

The report concluded that Biden should not face criminal charges, despite evidence that he shared highly classified information with a ghostwriter.

Hur's assessment highlighted challenges in proving criminal intent, citing Biden's age and the potential for "innocent explanations" for mishandling records.

Democrats and Republicans aim to use the hearing for political advantage, with Republicans focusing on Biden's age and memory, while Democrats criticize Hur's commentary about the president.

Democrats plan to be aggressive in their interrogation, emphasizing that despite Hur's unflattering comments, the special counsel ultimately exonerated Biden.

Republicans, investigating Biden's mental acuity, also seek to highlight what they perceive as unfair treatment of Donald Trump by Attorney General Merrick Garland in a similar case.

The release of Hur's report drew comparisons to the 2016 events when FBI Director James Comey criticized Hillary Clinton over email practices but did not recommend charges.

Despite political expectations, Hur is expected to stick to the report's findings during the hearing, leveraging his experience in politically charged investigations.