Former President Donald Trump has endorsed former Rep. Mike Rogers in Michigan's Republican primary for the Senate seat.

Trump highlighted Rogers' commitment to securing the border, stopping inflation, growing the economy, supporting the military/veterans, and defending the Second Amendment.

Rogers, once a Trump critic exploring a presidential bid, now enjoys Trump's "Complete and Total Endorsement" for the Senate race.

The National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee has also endorsed Rogers, solidifying his front-runner status in the crowded August primary.

Rogers expressed excitement about working with Trump to "Get America and Michigan Back on Track" after thanking the former president for his endorsement.

A year ago, Rogers questioned Trump's influence, stating, "Trump’s time has passed," but has now embraced a Trump-Rogers alliance for the Senate race.

The Senate primary includes competitors Justin Amash and Peter Meijer, both former congressmen who voted to impeach Trump, making it a closely watched and competitive race.

Stabenow's retirement and Michigan's swing-status make the Senate race highly anticipated and competitive in the upcoming fall elections.