Former President Donald Trump believes TikTok poses a national security threat, emphasizing the need to protect American privacy and data rights.

Despite his initial support for banning TikTok, Trump reversed his stance, stating he could have taken action during his presidency but left it up to Congress.

Trump expressed concern that banning TikTok would lead to the growth of Facebook, which he labeled as the "enemy of the people" along with certain media outlets.

He acknowledged the mixed impact of TikTok, mentioning both positive and negative aspects, but underscored the potential for Facebook's expansion without TikTok's presence.

Trump justified his decision to let Congress decide on TikTok, citing the app's popularity among young users and the potential negative impact on those who enjoy it.

The former president highlighted the dichotomy of TikTok, acknowledging its positive and negative aspects, but ultimately expressed concern about Facebook's potential dominance.

Trump's assertion that Facebook is the "enemy of the people" aligns with his broader criticism of certain media outlets, creating a narrative of skepticism towards influential platforms.

The decision to reconsider the ban reflects Trump's strategic thinking, weighing the national security concerns against the potential repercussions on social media dynamics and public sentiment.