More information emerges about the lawsuit aimed at halting the airing of the four-hour Lifetime documentary 'Where is Wendy Williams?

The complaint, filed by Sabrina Morrissey, Williams' temporary guardian, alleges incapacity on Williams' part to consent to the documentary's terms due to her medical condition."

Williams, diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia, lacked capacity during the purported execution of the contract, according to the lawsuit

The lawsuit contends that Williams, despite being listed as an executive producer, was incapable of managing her affairs and couldn't approve her portrayal in the documentary

The guardian alleges exploitation of Williams' medical condition in the documentary, portraying her in a humiliating and degrading manner.

Defendants in the lawsuit include A+E Television Networks and Entertainment One Reality Productions.

A spokesperson for A+E Networks/Lifetime shared anticipation for unsealing their papers, suggesting a different perspective on the matter.

Williams' diagnosis of progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia was not public knowledge when the trailer for the documentary was released.